August 31, 2006

GOPHERS win. Cat 2. Vote Keith.

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The Golden Gophers are 1-0!!!! It might be the last time all year that they have a winning record, but at least they have one. No one in the state of Minnesota got to watch the game on Thursday night because it was being telecast on an internet affiliate of ESPN that is only carried outside of this state. But from what I have read is that the running game dominated and the defense once again gave up some big plays.

I am excited for this season. I just ordered the season tickets for Sarah and myself. I plan on going to all of the games, hopefully Sarah will want to go to one or two and I can convince others to come to the other games. Since I got tickets I am on the priority list for the new stadium! This means that I will get first pick when the tickets go up for sale. I put myself in line! I am stoked.

Oh. The Gophers beat Kent State, the college football equivalent of the St. Theresa School for the Blind and Deaf.

What are our seats? Section 231 Row 16 Seats 19-20. I asked for seat 19. It is good luck.

Tonight was my first race as a cat2 at the track. I managed to keep in the pack. I got 7th in the miss and out when I ran out of steam. The scratch race was fun and I finished in the pack. The long race of the night was an 80 lap points race that doubled as the National Qualifier and State Chumpionship. I finished in 7th place with 3pts. (dis) did really well and finished in 5th place just 2pts off of the podium.

It was really tough to have your first race as a cat2 be a miss-n-out. I was so afraid that I would get pulled first that I went to the front and cooked myself next to Hanna and ended up paying the price for it later in the race. Oh well. The scratch race was fast, but the biggest difference was that it was longer than your usual cat3 event. That made it a little bit more painful. The points race was fun because I sat behind a house…er Schmiechal for a lot of the race and was able to keep in the pack. Thanks Don.

The highlight of the night was being able to race with Franco from Alberto’s Cycle down in Chicago. He made the trip up and got to experience the best track in the country. I think he had a great time and he did really well in the points race. He is so deceptively fast and tactically sound. He truly is the Doug Regester of Northbrook and Kenosha. He had nothing but positive things to say about Blaine!

Only two more weeks left in the season at the track. Oh. Smithers showed up. I voted for him to go to the fair…I think 5 separate times from different computers.

The alleycat is going to be awesome. Can’t wait to see everyone out there!

Many of you in the 5th congressional district know that the upcoming primary election is a big one. Most have heard of all the allegations made against the DFL-endorsed candidate Keith Ellison. Did you know that all of these allegations have been traced back to the campaign manager of the Paul Ostrow campaign? This is dirty politics at its finest and Keith Ellison is getting screwed because of it.

I am going to go out and vote for Keith on Sept. 19(?) and I hope all of the rest of you will look at the issues and reach the same conclusions as myself. Here is a link to an article in the Star Tribune that discusses this issue.

Also, the other major candidates are a little shady in my opinion. While Mike Erlandson will be my second choice he was hand-picked by Sabo to fill his seat and is running against an endorsed candidate. It should be remembered that Erlandson at one time was the chair of the state party and campaigned against running against an endorsed candidate. Some team player he turned out to be. Junge on the other hand has been receiving a bunch of money from the right and far right for her campaign. I disagree with their stands and will not support a candidate that agrees with them.

That is all.

August 30, 2006

Peaking? Team Sprint.

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The idea of “peaking” and “periodization” is still a little foreign to me. This season is the first time that I have ever felt the affects of training over an entire year. Earlier this season I had some sweet form. The results that I got in April and May enabled me to upgrade on the road to cat3, which was one of my preseason goals. I then took almost the entire month of June off and only raced a few track nights and did one road race in Illinois.

When July hit I had the plans of pushing for an upgrade on the track from cat3 to cat2. I wanted to perform well at the national qualifiers and finish the season strong. I managed to get good form directly before the official move in the middle of August and was able to fulfill the goal on the track. However, I wasn’t able to really have a strong qualifier and I have felt really tired over the past few weeks.

It is amazing when you get to the point of the season when you body is trying to tell you to stop. I don’t want to stop, but when I am on the third lap of my kilo and I can barely turn over the gear you begin to wonder. The track season is only a few more weeks long. I hope to finish it respectably in the cat2 field.

Next year I will try to peak in May for the road season and extend my rest period a little bit long so I can carry enough form late in the year for the national qualifiers and perhaps Nationals. Time will tell.

Went up to Blaine today and did the Kilo and attempted the Team Sprint with (dis) and Little Guy. The Kilo went well, but I was still slower than my PR. I got to use Timmer’s aero bars and from what I hear my position was fantastic. I threw down a 1:17.621. Ouch.

The Team Sprint is fast becoming my favorite event because of the Team factor. Each of us has a specific role to play in it. The Little Guy leads us out because he is a ridiculously fast from a standing start. I am responsible for getting on his wheel and pulling through when LG pulls off the track and take lap two and bring (dis) to the line for his solo effort on the third lap.

The only problem is that I can’t get on the LG’s wheel. The first Team Sprint that we did this year it took me all the way to turn ¾ to get on it. Today it took me till the start of turn 3. This means that I am making progress, but I still have a long way to go. We will get better at it and accomplish our goals.

We went slower tonight than we did two weeks ago, but I think that has to do with the strain we have been putting on our bodies…or perhaps I have been putting on mine. The LG pulled off a faster start than he has ever done and (dis) just got done doing an individual pursuit. Argh.

Our next targeted time goal in this event is a sub-53 seconds. This might not seem fast, but it is something we are shooting for. Our best is a 54 and tonight we did a 56. We have a ways to go, but the team to do it.


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I am trying to get an upload of the flyer that (dis)pencer did for me, but I am a little computer stupid. I hope that you all understand. The flyer is really sick and I hope to get one up here soon. The problem is that I just don’t know how to get a .pdf onto the actual ftp of my site. Oh well. Let the hating commence.

Tuffy called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go on a ride. I told him that I don’t ride with Sandbaggers because they are chumps. He hung up and called me about an hour later crying and explained to me that he didn’t know what to do with himself now that everyone is hating on him for his recent suck-sess. I laughed at him and said, “Now you have 7points. Upgrade to the big leagues.”

The race I am throwing is going to be a lot of fun. It starts at 8pm SHARP. Dress for suck-sess. Did I mention 8PM SHARP? It is a job interview. Better act like one. The man doesn’t like the recent fashion of small hats. Word.

I am heading up to the track with (dis) and the Little Guy tonight to get some timed event work in. I think I might make another attempt at the pursuit. We shall see. I am definetly going to do a kilo effort and a Team Sprint. I might bring down the gear a little bit so I can catch the little guy.

As I am writing this a woman is getting thrown into the back of a cop car below my house. It is really entertaining. She is trying to kick out the windows of the back of the car. The funny thing is that she volunteered to get in the back of the car by saying, “Fine. Take me to jail.” What a dummy. Haha. I think it has something to do with her walking in on her boyfriend and another woman. She then went to her boyfriends mom and threatened her. The mom called the cops on her. Oh….domestics. The boyfriend looks kind of relieved. I wouldn’t like the girl in the back of the squad car either. She is really freaking out.

That is all for now. If you are showing up on friday be there at 8pm SHARP.

August 28, 2006

Class. Go Gophs….

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What is up with annoying people in class that like to ask questions that really aren’t questions? My class if full of these people and I think it is going to be really frustrating being in a class with these types. The professor is really good and his first lecture was very interesting, but every five minutes he was interrupted by people that think they are the teachers. I don’t like that. I am not paying money to hear their thoughts constantly. I am paying money to learn from a qualified teacher and participate in meaningful discussions.

The Gophers start on Thursday. Once again it is another rebuilding year and it is going to be a really, really, really long season. I will find myself dreaming of a consistent running game, a decent kicker and a defense that won’t blow it at the end of the game. All I have to look forward to is having tickets to the new outdoor stadium that will be opening up in a few years.

The funny thing about Gopher tickets is that in order to buy tickets to the Iowa Hawkeyes game you have to buy tickets to the North Dakota State game. Hahahahaha. Boy are we trying to stick it to the Hawk fans. To bad they will probably go to that game and cheer for the Bisons? more than ever.

I am really nervous. We have a new RB that is an ex-linebacker. Uh-oh.

I will have a digital flyer up soon. (dis)pencer did a good job of helping me out with it and I hope you all will like it. Remember 8pm Sharp at the bench and dress to impress.

My first night as a cat2 is fast approaching. I can’t wait to get hurt.

Back To sChOOL.

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I start college again today. I am kind of excited yet at the same time I think I might actually forget to go to class because it has been a long time since I was in school. The class is titled “The 1960s: Civil Rights and Other Movements.” I feel that I have already taken this class about 20 times at the University of Minnesota and Northern Michigan, but since Metro State is going to give me credit for it I decided it might be a good enough class for me to start out with.

It was also one of only 3 courses in the history department that was still open on the Minneapolis campus for the Fall semester. Because of this I had to jump on it right away. The plan is to take this class this semester and then bump up to two classes next spring and possibly two more over the summer which would put me on rate to graduate in about a year in a half.

Metro accepted almost all of my transfer credit attempts except for a couple of classes. I am pretty happy about this. What I am not happy about is the fact that they want to place me in a remedial math AND beginners writing course. Although they accepted my freshman writing course from NMU they require two to graduate unless you can test out of it. I think this is a sham, because they said I failed the writing requirement of the test and my transcripts didn’t show any type of writing experience. This is complete garbage as I have already written my Junior and Senior thesis as well as taken 6 courses at the University under the designation of Writing Intensive.

Boo Hooo.

So today is a big day. We shall see how it goes.

Had a nice recovery ride yesterday with (dis), Little Guy and tuffy. We threw down on the cobbled climb and put in an easy 30 miles. The Little Guy was a little sorry that he couldn’t continue on anymore, but he just didn’t have any legs left after I completely ripped them off on every single climb and sprint. I think that is how it went. Right?

The alleycat is going to be fantastic.

August 26, 2006

Marty Road Race Spectacular! Super-Rookie Beats Sexy ADAM! Other Crap That Isn’t As Awesome As Me Beating Sexy Adam For Once In My Life.

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Loon State Cycling and Grandstay put on a wonderful race this weekend out in the hinterlands of mid-Minnesota. Many people have said that a late summer road race wouldn’t work in Minnesota, but with the blessing of the town folk and some great weather we had a field of about 40 in the cat ¾ race.

This story will be real quick. I promise. The race started and I talked trash about everyone including; Sexy Adam, Big Matt, Little Guy, Tuffy and whoever else looked at me cross-eyed including the people having the wedding. That’s right. There was a wedding in downtown Marty. When I told the flower girl that she had a nice dress she was super funny and said thanks. But then her mom said, “It would look even better if there wasn’t all of these bicyclists around.” Sorry lady.

I ended up getting 12th place in a hectic sprint that included a bunch of rubbed wheels and sketchy riders that like to go super wide outside of the yellow and then come into the pack like a bat out of hell and clip a front wheel of a rider in 1st place. What a dork. Perhaps the biggest story of the day was Tuffy getting 2nd place in the race! Who would of thought…

I beat Sexy Adam in the race. Now Clif Bar and I have something in common. I will give Sexy Adam a little bit of credit because he didn’t know that he was racing until about 30secs before Tuffy and I picked him up. Dude is a trooper and can throw down on anyone…if it is a time trial, because it is now obvious that he isn’t any good on the road because I beat him AND Clif Bar did earlier in the season. Have fun in the cat 2s Sexy Adam it was nice to ride with you in a race this year(that one race when you attacked off the front and won on a breakaway from the first lap didn’t count).

The course today was a lot of fun. The roads were nice and the climb was rather difficult. Jim Redmond gave me a nice description of it before the race, but nothing he could of said would prepare me for the pain of that climb. It was rather amazing. I am not talking about the climb either. I am talking about Redmond. He is amazing.

While I was on the climb I heard someone yell, “Go Super-Rookie!” I didn’t know who it was, but then someone in the field was like Super Rookie is racing with us? Ha. The next time up the climb I sought out the miraculous voice that got me through the climb the first time. I saw who it was and I want to thanks, but I forgot your name…but it might have been my glasses were foggy. Excuse. Word.

After the race we went to the bar that helped sponsor the race and drank some beer and ate at the buffet for only $4.95! I love small town bars and the people at this place were more than hospitable.

The cops were also really cool during the race today. I am sure that they were making about $100 dollars an hour standing in the sun, but they also were out ticketing on the course! I couldn’t believe it. A cop actually pulled over a dude that was towing a boat. It was sweet.

The plan going into the sprint was to work for Big Matt and deliver him to the last turn 200m before the finish in first place. He would then be able to clean up and kick everyone’s ass in the final sprint. But a little before the end he came up to me and told me that he was having a little mechanical and he could put the chain in his big ring. Naturally I asked him why he was in his small gear anyway. Seriously. Who needed to use their small ring on that climb…..okay everyone. It was crappy luck for Matt and even worse for the dudes that like to break the rules and go over the Yellow Line! That’s right the USCF officials DQ’ed a bunch of dumb riders.

The Gophers start next Thursday. I can’t wait. I predict a 4-10 season.

August 24, 2006

No Track=Happy Fun Times

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The track got cancelled tonight so Sarah and I had a date night. We went up to Pop! on Johnson Ave. to catch a bite to eat. While we were eating the storms came and messed everything up. Sarah is really smart. She exhibited your genius by leaving the umbrella in the car.

I just wanted point that out.

We then headed over to Circuit City to get some things for the computer when I almost got the car stalled in a mini-lake that had formed along 18th Ave. NE. It was rather scary in our small little car, but I managed to fight through it. I would like to dedicate that small victory over the water to Elliot Sadler who taught me everything I know about driving.

I am currently trying to win a bid on EBAY for a cyclo-cross bike. I am not the worlds best EBAYer as I don’t have the most experience in it, but I have enlisted the help of (dis)pencer and The Little Guy to find some steals out there for me. I think (dis) has come through with this sweet DEAN frame that is only at $100.00 with 27min left.

The buy it now was at $185 dollars. Since someone has put in a bid that went away. I am waiting for the last minute to put in a bid of $191.19. I normally wouldn’t go higher than the buy it now, but I feel that I am doing this for Elliot Sadler as he helped me get through the big puddle today.

The plan is to get this bike on the cheap and get it set up for this years cross season and then sell the Salsa as a frame. This will then allow me to enlist this cross bike as my new commuter/trainer and then when next years cross season comes around I will get the new MASI cross bike through the new team deal.

What team? Team Awesome.

The alleycat planning is coming along fantastically. It is going to be awesome and the man is really excited to be sponsoring such a wonderful event. Better bring your racing shoes. The race should only be about an hour long. This is the perfect length because it allows all of the rookies to be competitive.

The lack of the track tonight wasn’t as disappointing as last years cancellations because I have a road race on Saturday to look forward to. The road race is sponsored by Glueks and takes place in Marty, Minnesota. It is going to be a wonderful time and once again this race is being promoted by Skibby!

August 23, 2006

Internet! Job Interview Alleycat. The Yacht Club.

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A big day here at the headquarters as we are finally linked to the information super highway. While this may cause some consternation to local chumps it will no doubt keep the world wired into the happenings of a local champ.

I am throwing an alleycat next Friday. It is called “Job Interview.” Here is the basic information:

Job Interview
8PM Fri. Sept. 1st
@ The Bench Rookie
$5 to race.

I am the hiring director of a Fortune 500 Company. I am looking for a new employee that will make bookoo bucks. The interview starts promptly at 8:00PM. It is advised that you dress for success and do your best to impress The Man.

Where is the bench? You are a rookie if you don’t know. It is located behind the Hyatt on the Loring Greenway. Look for the memorial rocks and pay your respects.

Everyone is welcome….if they have $5.00.

The Courteous Fellow gave me a bunch of shirts and ties for the new corporate job I have up here. Although the shirts were a little wrinkly they are fantastically fashionable. I am looking forward to rocking these stylish threads throughout the fall season. The ties are also awesome, but I am having a little problem actually tying the ties.

I am trying to convince the Courteous Fellow to come up here and visit ‘The Land of Sky Blue Waters” with his lovely lady Julie. I know the CF is into Yachting so I think it is time to finally unveil the biggest secret in Northeast Minneapolis.

The Northeast Yacht Club!
The Club!

Nestled on the pristine asphalt block of Marshall and North 8th Avenue there isn’t a finer bar in the city dedicated to the sport and culture of Yachting. With a yacht club within 5 blocks of my house how can the CF say no?

August 21, 2006

No Free Internet. Cat 2! AlleyCat Racin’ Timed Events. Donimator Gets A Link #19 10th

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It seems like the man has infiltrated the free internet at headquarters. I am working hard at finding a solution. But in the meantime the free wireless at Diamond’s Coffee Shop in Northeast will have to do.

Now back to your regularly scheduled hatin’

Hold the phone. I am a Cat 2 on the track. That means I have accomplished two out of the three goals I set for myself this season. The only one I have left is the sub 1:13 kilo. I am a little behind schedule on that one, but it will be done next year for sure! Yay me.

How did I do it? I have 19 points at Blaine this year with 2 omnium victorys and a 3rd and 4th place. I also have 1 pt from last year carried over. Bob is allowing me to transfer 6 upgrade points from Kenosha allowing me to meet the necessary 25pts for the uprgrade from 3 to 2. It turns out that Bob changed the points this year with a omnium victory earning 7pts.

Mark your calendars for Friday September, 1st. in conjunction with Team Awesome will be presenting an Alley Cat starting from the Bench at 8pm. Be there or get laughed at. It is open to everyone and will be a cash cost of $5 with a couple of individual cash prizes mixed in. The race will end at Liquor Lyles for 2-for-1s at about 9pm. It will be only about an hour long…max.

It will be fun.

Flyers out soon enough.

I figure I have to announce my arrival back in the cities somehow.

This past weekend we had a bunch of racin’ in the upper Midwest. It all started off with the State Track Championships in the timed events. This meant it was time to defend my state kilo title from last year. I decided to change gears just slightly and I felt the difference in the negative almost instantly and had trouble pushing the bigger gear and fell short of Skibby with a time of 1:18.079. This was almost a full second slower than my Personal Best. Oh well. 1 event down 3 more to go.

The next event was the Pursuit. I do the pursuit because I paid money to race. I am not going to not do an event because I don’t like it. So I threw down a Personal Best of 5:35.034 which was a full 5 seconds off of my original PR of 5:40.743. I am really happy with that time especially after I take into consideration the lack of training, fitness, desire and aero equipment. (dis)pencer and Little Guy both threw down some amazing times that were easily their own personal bests.

Team Awesome than recruited Skibby for the Team Pursuit and we took the Bronze medal with another Personal Best for the three of us. While we know that we could have gone faster with a little training we were pretty stoked to stand on the podium for the second year in a row.

The last event of the day was the Team Sprint. This event is fast becoming a favorite for the three original members of Team Awesome. Between the three of us we have three distinct styles of riding that will, with training, fit into a sweet team for this event. Naturally the Little Guy is the starter because of his blazing fast speed out of the blocks and I am #2 with the sole responsibility of grabbing the wheel and delivering (dis)pencer to the line for the final effort.

I was unable to catch the Little Guy on Saturday as he gapped me all the way till turn 3/4. I tried as hard as I could to catch him, but by the time I did he was already pulling off and it was my turn to be in the wind. (dis)pencer and I both threw down respectable lap times of 16.6 and 16.7 seconds respectfully and finished in 3rd place with a Team Record time of 54.794. You can bet that we are going to work on this and once I am able to catch the Little Guy’s wheel we can easily take 2 seconds off of our time and challenge for the silver.

Check out the Donimator’s blog on the right task bar.

It is worthy of a link.

Elliot Sadler made his debut in the #19 on Sunday. I got to watch the race at Tuffy’s with the lady and don’t remember much of it because I was to busy eating sweet pizza from Red Savoy’s and playing with the coolest dog ever. I later learned that Sadler got 10th place in his first race! It was also the best place the #19 car has done all year! Screw MAYFIELD!

August 18, 2006

Racin’ New #19!

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Lots of other great things happened at the track last night. The biggest of them all was the return of Team TH in the Madison. We once again took 5th place. I was pretty happy with the effort that we both put in as we were cooked by the end of the race. It was the first time we had done one all season, but we are getting rather excited for the upcoming ones latter this year.

Once we learn how to get our throws down at a high speed we will become competitive against the other second-tier teams in the race. As of now we are in the middle of the second pack behind the Winger-Crosby, Sobol-Big Ben, and Register-Ferris teams. But for the most part we had a lot of fun last night.

The other big event was the welcoming of Adam Bergman in the cat3s at the track. Okay, I wouldn’t really call it a welcoming. It was more of a experience to race against him. While I will say that I didn’t have racing legs it wouldn’t have mattered against him last night, or any night for that matter. He is on form and really threw down last night. While I think he may have had to work a little bit harder than his time in the cat4s it was still difficult to do anything against him.

I will however always recall that I gave him his first ever bump on the track. While he may not recall it because he is actually good I will never live it down. Kind of like those guys that graduated from 20 years ago still talk about their game winning catch at Homecoming. It was in the Miss and Out and I was at the front setting the tempo and Bergman was right above me. This forced me to work my ass off to keep my position and maintain control of the lane. As the sprint was getting started he tried to come into the lane on me going into turn ¾. I maintained my position and bumped him out. I am sure he will always remember that, because I know that I will.

I think it was about 2 laps later that I dropped out of the race because I was so damn tired from keeping up with him. But in my heart I had a big victory.

I would like to thank NASCAR for showing me how to rub, bump and nudge. Because Rubbin’ is Racin.

So as many of you know it is official that Elliot Sadler is the new driver of the #19! I couldn’t be any happier! Whooooo Hooooooo! My good friend Red sent me a sweet link of the famous Sadler crash at Talladega from a few years back.

Watch it:


The best part about Sadler is that he showed up the next year and while he was holding a press conference he said he told his crew to put wheels on the hood and paint numbers on the underside so he can go all the way to the line. What a guy!